Benefits of Having a Kitchen Chimney at Home

Among many kitchen appliances, one of the most important is a chimney. It is a valuable addition to any Kitchen in addition to many other useful appliances which you can’t do without.

1. Helps to keep Kitchen wall tiles clean and safe

When the tiles of your kitchen walls are exposed to cooking fumes every day, the walls start turning to a yellowish shade as time passes giving a shabby look to your Kitchen in just a few months. Having a chimney protects your wall tiles from getting sticky and also takes away rigid and pungent odor during cooking or of exhaust gases. It will also avoid fading of Kitchen cabinets due to smoke and fumes and keep you Kitchen spotless and clean

2. Takes care of your health

Exhaust gas fumes from stoves contain carbon monoxide which spreads inside the home causing health issues like irritation in eyes, coughing, and breathing problems. As India is a land of spices we tend to use a variety of spices in most of the dishes we prepare and the strong aroma from it can lead many of us to sneeze frequently. A kitchen chimney can suck harmful gases and powerful aroma and will protect us from serious health issues.

3.Prevents your rooftop/walls from getting black

If you have not used a chimney in your kitchen then you will find the walls and roof become dirty and sticky with many marks on them making them unattractive. This is because the unwanted smoke and the fumes from your cooking sticks to the walls and roof turning it black soon. A Kitchen chimney prevents the roof as well as walls from turning black due to its strong suction capacity which attracts all the fumes leaving the walls and roofs looking clean, and without any spots on them.

4. Adds aesthetic value to your kitchen

With the use of Kitchen cabinets, hardware and faucets have become quite an outdated trend of making Kitchen aesthetically look beautiful. The current trend of having a pleasing-looking Kitchen is by installing designer chimney (focuses both on design and performance parameters), with some futuristic designs which will enhance the beauty of the Kitchen.

Thus you can have an artistically pleasing Kitchen by opting for the best chimney in the market and with the help of Doortask you can have a hassle-free installation and periodic servicing by verified and trained chimney installation and repair experts from DoorTask.

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