How to Buy the Best Washing Machine for Your Home

Buying Best Washing Machine

One of the most amazing gifts of modern technology is Washing Machine and it has become such an integral part of our day to day functioning, that it gets difficult to imagine our lives without it nowadays. Everyone using it knows how it saves a lot of time as well as hassles and those who don’t have one till now must be craving for it. Moreover, with different types of options and settings available, washing clothes in a machine also increases the longevity of the clothes. Not to forget, it also keeps your hands safe from getting rough by harsh detergents. So many benefits…But have you thought of the budget? And, the functionalities needed? There are different brands available in the market. Which is the right one for you as per your needs? Let’s see…

Buying Best Washing Machine for your home can be a tough job. You have a variety of options available in the market. The number of models can overwhelm you.

However, after going through this guide, the confusion will clear and you will be able to make the right choice.

Things to consider before Buying Best Washing Machine

1. What type of Washing Machine Do You Want?

Firstly, before Buying Best Washing Machine, decide which of these two types of Washing Machines suits your needs:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully-Automatic

Fully-Automatic: Most people prefer to own a fully automatic washing machine since there is no need to check the machine during the cycle. All you need to do is load the detergent compartment, switch on the machine and you’re done. The clothes only need to be put out to air dry.

Semi-Automatic: A semi-automatic washing machine, on the other hand, has two tubs and the clothes need to be manually transferred from the wash tub to the spin/dryer tub. It may seem tiring to operate but the savings in purchase price, electricity usage and water consumption are significant.

Firstly, before Buying Best Washing Machine, you can easily compare washing machines and find which one suits your needs best.

2. Style of Washers

At present, there are two main styles available – the front loading and the top loading styles. Top loading style is traditional and commonly used. But in many latest models of washing machines, most of the brands give front loading options. The top-loading washers are less energy efficient as compared to the front loading ones. But if you have a tight budget, you should opt for a top loading one as it is comparatively lower in price.

3. Capacity

Wondering what may be the capacity of the washing machine that you are choosing? Firstly, check the size of the washer tub. You can also check the maximum load of clothes that it can handle per cycle. When putting clothes inside So, how to know if you need a machine with a larger capacity? Ask yourself whether you need a washing machine to wash bed covers, curtains, and other upholstery of the house. If “Yes”, you certainly need a larger capacity one.

 If you like to do small loads of laundry every day, it is better to invest in a washing machine that has a relatively small wash tub. However, if you run large loads of laundry then you need to find a model that has a wash tub with a good capacity. There must be enough space for the clothes to move during the wash cycle. If you intend to wash curtains, bed covers, etc. in the washing machine then you need one with a larger capacity wash tub.

4. Material of the Washing Tub

The material also matters since it plays an important role in the upfront cost and longevity of the appliance. Porcelain enamel, toughened plastic and stainless steel are three most popular materials used. However, if you compare washing machine prices based on the type of material used for the tub, you will find that stainless steel tubs cost more. However, they are corrosion-resistant and last a long time.

Check, what the washing drum of the washing machine is made of. Generally, it is made up of stainless steel, toughened plastic, or porcelain enamel. Enamel rusts and chips, so plastic tubs are considered to be better. If you want the best, go for stainless steel tubs. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, capable of withstanding high spins and is long-lasting as well.

 5. Does it have All the Required Settings and safety features?

One of the most important washing machine features is the wash settings available. Most important ones that you must have in your washing machine are:

  • Wash Cycles
  • Spin Cycle
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Pre-soak Temperature Control 
  • Stability while spinning
  • Child lock
  • Auto restarts
  • Rodent protection
  • Water level control

It is an appliance for which you won’t like to invest again in another 8-10 years. So, give some time and research well before purchasing. Be wise before Buying Best Washing Machine to use it conveniently for years to come. So, you can check out the latest range of Washing Machines from the renowned Indian consumer durables manufacturer, Intex Technologies, designed to provide the best in class washing at affordable prices. A wide array of features, providing various washing options keeping in mind the variety of fabrics, washing cycles and much more gives you an easy and satisfactory washing each time.

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