Visually Pleasing Flooring Options For Your Home or Office

Choosing a flooring option for your home or office could seem a daunting task for many. Do not worry as DoorTask is here to help. Altogether this guide will help you to get a quick understanding of the different flooring options for your home or office.

Stylish and Practical Flooring Ideas:

Vinyl Flooring

vinyl floor

Because of its durability, low maintenance, and numerous design possibilities vinyl flooring has become the fastest growing flooring type in the market today. This type of flooring works well for independent homes as well as apartments because it’s easy on the budget.

Wooden Flooring

wooden floor

Though this type of flooring is a bit expensive, the cost is justified as the durability of wooden flooring is high and with proper maintenance, it lasts long too. The main drawback of wooden flooring is that it needs to be properly maintained.

Vitrified flooring

vitrified floor

You can choose vitrified tiles based on design, consistent shades, sizes and thickness and is durable and scratch-resistant too. One main demerit of this kind of flooring is it becomes slippery when wet. However, you can opt for anti-slip tiles but with design options are limited.

Marble Flooring

marble floor

Marble is a natural stone, it gives an aesthetic appeal to your dream home and comes in a number of unique colors, design options with different shapes and sizes that are suitable for flooring and it can withstand substantial loads. The best thing is you can repolish marble after a few years of installation to make it look like new again.

Granite Flooring

granite floor

Granite is available in wide ranges of colors and is easy to maintain due to its shiny surface. However, the installation charges for granite is high compared to other flooring types. The main drawback of Granite flooring is that it becomes extremely cold in the winter season.

DoorTask provides the above-mentioned flooring services. We are passionate about educating homeowners in making an entirely new design or re-modeling of their homes, with hiring of a contractor to execute work etc. We hope this blog helps you in choosing the right flooring option for your home or office according to your need and budget.

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