Home remedies to get rid of Cockroaches overnight

The word Cockroach itself is unpleasant to hear, isn’t it? Yes, cockroaches are dreadful creatures that carry many life-threatening diseases. As soon as you see them running under your Fridge or beside your Kitchen cabinet, you try to grab a bottle of insecticide and that is where you completely forget about your family and pet’s health.

Alright, once you get to know the impact of insecticides on health you would definitely not use them in the future. Most insecticides that we use regularly cause illnesses, such as respiratory problems, nausea, eye and skin irritation, and many others. As health is a major concern make it a habit to use natural, homemade remedies to control roaches.

Use natural chemical-free remedies for pest control which helps to keep your home healthy and in the meantime you also get the benefit of low prices, thereby saving money in the long run.

Some natural methods to control roaches:

  • Bay leaves and Garlic powder works wonders.
  • Essential oils are the best repellents.
  • Chrysanthemum dried flower is often known as an organic insecticide.
  • Diatomaceous earth acts as non-toxic insecticides.

Bay leaves and Garlic powder work wonders

Bay leaves

Don’t be surprised. Yes, the same Bay leaves which you use for delicious soups can also act as the best pest repellant. Place dried bay leaves in areas where you most often spot pests in your home, because of its pungent smell pests stay away from your home.

Essential oils are the best repellents

Pepper mint oil

A variety of essential oils are popular for its pest repellant properties. Peppermint oil is one among those which gives a pleasing smell to humans but not for pests. Take a mixture of Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils in a spray bottle, and use it as insecticide whenever you find cockroaches or any other pests in your home.

Homegrown Chrysanthemum dried-flower pest repellant

Chrysanthemum flower

Chrysanthemum contains natural pyrethrins which are usually used in the manufacture of most of the insecticides. On an important note, pyrethrins affect the nervous system of pests and gradually kills them. When you find dried Chrysanthemum flower in your garden, pluck them up and boil it with water, then strain the solution. Use this solution to spray on the pests.

Diatomaceous earth acts as non-toxic insecticides

Diatomaceous earth powder

Diatomaceous earth is a fossilized remain of marine phytoplankton and algae. Finely powdered DE is used by homeowners and gardeners to control pests. Observe the habitat of pests and sprinkle the powder around it and make sure you don’t sweep the sprinkled powder away while cleaning.

If you are pressed for time and are unable to prepare and use these home-remedies, do not worry. We at DoorTask have the expertise to handle pest-control tasks. Your family’s health is our main priority. To know more reach us at +91-7401010151

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