6 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen

Ways to Maintain your Kitchen

On busy weeknights, the last thing you want to do after dinner is clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes. Unfortunately, it’s important that these everyday jobs are taken care of otherwise, your kitchen can become a nightmare in no time. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few tricks to make the process a little easier and less time-consuming though. The following kitchen cleaning hacks can help you better manage your time so that you can actually relax before going to bed.

The ways to Maintain your Kitchen:-

1. Keep Your Counters Clean and Clear

If not cleaned, consequently countertops can become a hotspot for bacteria. So, wipe down your counters after cooking and dry the area with a clean towel or paper towel. Moist surfaces allow bacteria growth, so your counters should always be dry. It is the most important ways to Maintain your Kitchen

2. Keep your kitchen dry

Dying insects always run towards the water. Water or any other liquid such as oil, when mixed together, create a greasy compound that invites pests and also permanently discolors your cabinets. So, always keep your kitchen dry, especially the basin, aim to wipe it every time you use water.

 3. Clean as You Go

The easiest way to accelerate post-meal kitchen cleanup is to tidy your preparation areas and items as you work. For example, you can wash cutting boards and knives while your chicken and vegetable sheet pan dinner is roasting. Additionally, keep a microfiber cloth or dish towel handy so you can immediately tend to spatter and spills, as they’ll be more difficult to clean if you let them sit and harden. Cleaning as you go is also important because it helps you reduce the odds of cross-contamination occurring in your kitchen.

4. Keep Fridge, Cabinets and Pantry Organized

An organized kitchen is a more efficient kitchen, and the less time you have to hunt for ingredients, the more time you’ll have left to clean as you go. Another benefit of maintaining an orderly kitchen is that you’re less likely to knock things over rooting through cabinets or the fridge, meaning you may have fewer messes to clean.

5. Focus On The Refrigerator

While cleaning your refrigerator may be intimidating, it is possible. It’s beneficial to clean out your fridge before grocery shopping, as this will help you make a complete list of items needed. Firstly, begin by drying the exterior of the refrigerator. Then open the fridge and remove any expired or unwanted food. Be sure to check the side shelves and don’t be hesitant to throw items away.  Remove the remainder of the food and wipe down the drawers and shelves. Scrub any residue with a clean sponge, soap, and water. Once the interior is dry, place the food back in the fridge. Moreover, ensure all dishes are properly covered to avoid food from spoiling.

6. Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean

Cleaning your sink is the first step to maintaining a hygienic kitchen. If you don’t sanitize your sink every day, dangerous bacteria could infect your food and dishes. Firstly, remember not to keep dirty dishes in the sink – wash them within two hours to prevent the spread of germs. So, consider allowing your dishes to air dry to avoid spreading germs found on hand towels. Once you’ve removed the dishes from your sink, wipe it down with disinfecting cleanser or fill it with water and bleach.

To keep your sink safe and clean, it’s most important to maintain a functioning sink drain. Deodorize the area by pouring a cup of vinegar or a tablespoon of baking soda down the drain once a week. If your drain is clogged, fix it as soon as possible.

Our kitchen is the most important part of your house. Above all, your kitchen is a corner of your home, where you cook, dine, and socialize. In other words, this is where you spend time with your family. However, if you plan kitchen facelift, you first need to consider how much you are willing to pay. In case you have a limited budget, you can follow the ways to Maintain your Kitchen and to remodel your Kitchen within a budget.

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