How to maintain your Water Purifier?

Water Purifier removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a chemical process, or a biological process. It purifies water to different extents for purposes such as public and private. The purification process removes contaminant that enters in your drinking water. Local water supplies are treated to reduce the presence of contaminants, such as bacteria and pollutants. However, these contaminants can enter the water through improper disposal of certain materials. In order to ensure you’re well-protected from these contaminants, Water Purification is a must. One of the healthiest ways to stay fit is ensuring that the water you and your family are consuming is safe and avoids all contaminants and the best way to ensure it is by installing a water Purifier for home/office. A Water Purifier will prevent more than 2100 water contaminants that may be present in tap water.

|| Why Water Purifier is a must in homes?

i. Improved Flavour:

Water Purifier

Some contaminants do more than a health risk. They also affect the flavour of drinking water. Using Water Purifier, it helps to get rid of these contaminants; this can improve the flavour of drinking water without boiling it.

ii. Reduced Chlorine:

Chlorine in drinking water causes a wide range of serious health issues such as asthma. By using Water Purifier, it gets rid of chlorine, which reduces the risk of these health problems and improves overall life span.

iii. Cost effective:

Water Purifier

Purchasing Water Bottle will provide water that does not contain contaminants, but the cost of buying it continuously again and again will be high. By installing a Water Purifier which purifies the water for a long run will solve this problem and will help in cost savings.

iv. Time saving:

Water Purifier

Boiling Water will remove the contaminants, but it’s time-consuming, especially when there is a large amount of water. Therefore, by using Water Purifier will save time and also will provide clean water in a convenient way.

v. Healthy Food:

Water Purifier

Water Purifiers provides purified water that can be used for drinking purpose. But, this purified water can also be used for other purposes such as preparing meals, washing vegetables/fruits and for coffee/tea. This helps the food to be tastier and fresh and also free from contaminants.

vi. Maintains Health:

Water Purifiers reduces the risk of health issues such as bladder cancer and kidney stone by removing chlorine and bacteria’s in drinking water. Drinking pure water generally protects the body from diseases and helps in maintaining health

vii. Lowers Cancer Risk

Chemicals and other harmful toxic materials make their way into the water, which increases the risk of getting some types of cancer. By using Water Purifier all the contaminants will be eliminated and also reduce the risk of Cancer.

|| How to maintain Water Purifiers?

i. RO filter must be replaced every 3 months:

A water purifier generally has 3-5 filtration stages. The filters need to be changed every 3 months to ensure it works properly as they get filled with impurities and sometimes stop working that results in unfiltered water. This also results in a reduced flow rate and also bad odor. If you do notice such signs, make sure that you change your water filter as soon as possible.

ii. Cleaning:

The water purifier must be cleaned by professionals as the system gets ruined during disconnection of the RO tank. Cleaning of Water purifiers from inside at regular intervals will prevent any unwanted deposits of wiring or machinery parts.

iii. Keep the exteriors clean:

In order to ensure that your system lasts longer, you need to clean it. Clean the exteriors of Water Purifiers regularly using some soapy water. Some filters come with the removable container. It’s easy to remove and clean it.

iv. Regular Service:

Getting your Water Purifier serviced regularly from authorized technicians ensures that you get purified water and ensures that your system lasts longer. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind as the spares used are genuine.

|| How Water Purifier works?

  • In the First stage, the water goes through a sediment filter. The sediment filter eliminates all the particles and solid impurities.
  • It then passes through a filter, where it eliminates iron and chlorine.
  • Now in the third stage, water passes through a filter bed containing activated charcoal. Activated charcoal holds the impurities giving you pure water. Activated carbon also removes the discoloration of the water.
  • These water later flows to the RO membrane that removes a different kind of bacteria and impurities.
  • Lastly, the water enters the UV sterilizer and this chamber kills all the microorganisms that are present in water.
  • This water then passes and comes out as pure and healthy drinking water which is free of contaminants.

Water Purifier is very much essential because it is a 3 to 5 way filtered process that delivers purified and hygiene water. Since, now you have a clear look about Water Purifier, try to implement it in your daily life and spread awareness regarding Water Purifier and tell others the importance of it.

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