Steps to consider while Relocating to another city

Relocating to another city is a big deal, especially with kids. There are so many things to consider while Relocating to ensure that the move is not stressful.  It’s common for people who are in search of new experiences, opportunities and bring change. As of the famous quote that, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. Moving to a new city should be a well-thought decision rather than a hurrying one, in which you should consider the pros and cons of Relocating. It may be tempting to pack your bags when you see your friends posting about their new life in new cities on social media. But what may be right for them need not be right for you too

Before you decide for a fresh start, think about yourself, why you want to move, what is the purpose behind it. We understand and that’s the reason, we have put together this guide to help you in Relocating and remove the stress.

||- Things to consider

  • Make sure the new place has everything: Basic amenities like 24-hour electricity, adequate water supply, parking space, parks for your children, security guards etc. all of these must be available and also at a reasonable rent.
  • Ensure that your neighbourhood is safe: You need to ensure that it is near to your workplace, and also the availability of a nearby hospital, shopping places etc.
  • Make sure to locate near to a good school: Look for good schools nearby to your locality.

||- Tips to relocate smoothly

  • Hire Packers and Movers: You must spend a lot of time on the internet finding a trusted packers and mover’s service that offers top quality services and has affordable rates.
  • Make a List: Make a list of all the items that should be packed. These lists must be shared with your Packer and Mover to give an estimate about their will charge and the number of vehicles needed for transportation.
  • Throw away unnecessary things:  Give away all the old clothes, furniture, and other unnecessary items. If you haven’t used anything in 1 year, just give it away. This will not only reduce the number of boxes you need to carry but also reduce your costs.
  • Separate Important Documents: While making a list, separate all your important documents and pack it in a separate box.
  • Pack all essential Items in a single box: Put all your essential items in one box like toothbrush, toothpaste, and liquid soap, first aid box, and phone/laptop chargers and other gadgets.

||- Prepare your kids for Relocating


Moving with kids to a new city will be stressful especially for the kid. To make it easier for them, here are a few things you must follow:

  • Talk to them as soon as you have decided to shift and explain to them the purpose behind it. This will give them time to adjust to the idea of moving.
  • Include them in your discussions and allow them to decide a few things about their new room. This will help to keep them engaged and excited.
  • Plan a small party for your kids and their friends so that they will get to say a proper goodbye before leaving.
  • Stick to your regular routine and play or watch a movie with them. This will help them to adjust to the change.

||- Additional things

  • Pay your dues: Pay all your important bills for electricity or rent.
  • Transfer LPG connection: Make sure to transfer your LPG gas connection from one agency to another in the new city.
  • Transfer DTH: Get your DTH service transferred to your new city.
  • Register Your Vehicle: Since different cities have different rules and regulation for vehicle registration. Do some research and get it registered in the new city.
  • Collect Your Children’s Transfer Documents:  Ensure to collect your children’s transfer documents such as transfer certificate, migration certificate etc. These will be needed for admissions to a new school in the new city.

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