Vastu Tips for Home Construction

The best time to consider the principles of Vastu Shastra is while planning the structure of your home. This way, before starting something new – you can make sure that the foundations are good. Since, Constructing Home is a dream for some, whereas for some it’s a new experience. So, therefore there are some Vastu tips which you need to follow before beginning to construct a home.

The Vastu tips are as follows

|| Shape of the Plot

Vastu Tips

An irregular shape can have a bad impact; therefore choose regular shapes like square or rectangle.

|| Water

Vastu Tips

It is suggested that well should be dug in North-East direction. Since water symbolizes money, and by building well in suggested direction will make that sure that the occupants never run out of money.

|| First Brick

Vastu Tips

While Constructing, the first brick must be placed in the eastern or northern direction of the property.

|| Garden

Vastu Tips

Avoid planting in the North East direction and plant heavy trees in the South, West and South-West side direction. Do not choose plants with seeds that produce milk. And do have a Tulsi plant and avoid cactus and other thorny plants, since these can build tension in relationships.

|| Doors

Vastu Tips

Avoid building doors in a straight line and front door must be bigger than other doors especially the exit door.

|| Digging

Vastu Tips

As per Vastu, the first dig should begin from North East Side and then proceed to East, North and South.

|| Space

Vastu Tips

Open space must be equal at South-East and North West side and should be more towards the North and East side and less towards the West and South side.

|| Room location

Vastu Tips

Bedroom should be in the South-West of the house and Kitchen must be in South-East or North-West, whereas Worship room should be built in North-East of the house. And the toilet should be in the West or North- West with the bathroom in the North-East, North, East or North-West of the house. And most importantly Living room should be in-between East and North-East of the house.

It is said that following Vastu Shastra tips bring positive energy and a piece of good luck. So, do follow all the tips and live in peace.

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